Valentine’s Kisses

You’ve probably seen the photos on Pinterest of babies covered in red lipstick kisses, well for my little man’s first Valentine’s Day I decided to give it a shot knowing I could either get an adorable shot or an epic fail – I’m sure you’ve seen those going around the internet as well! We love a good Pinterest fail around here. I stripped him down to just his sweet little red gdiaper and slathered all four months of his chubby cuteness in red lipstick kisses.  We got some great photos and some not so great ones. I’m not a makeup guru – I know enough to make myself presentable on most occasions, but I’m not one to be adventurous enough to wear red lips. Turns out that lipstick smears pretty easily and red lipstick smeared all over a baby ends up looking like a blood covered baby 🙂 But here is our winner …


I knew I wanted to make little valentines and send them to his grandmas, cousins, and close family and friends. I love designing cards, invitations, and other paper goods so I gave it a whirl and this is what I came up with.

happy valentines day

Once I had the card designed I pulled it together with some coordinating paper to line the envelope, a sweet xoxo stamp, and of course a heart postage stamp (not shown).

valentines cards

I think our little valentines turned out pretty darn cute!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Little Paper Crane

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